About Us


We believe in speaking loudly for those who feel and think loudly, but speak softly. The opinionated Introverts. To help reveal our inside values and likes without uttering a single word.

By showcasing what we are about and what we love literally on our sleeves we can share a bit of ourselves that we don't usually feel comfortable talking about to just anyone.

We hope to create closer bonds with others and promote connectionism with our brand, Seki.

Our O.G. art and designs began as a collaborative effort between our founding members. Since our inception we've grown to collab with skilled artists from all over the interwebs. All artwork is copy written and owned by Seki © 2020

It's for the Hapas, 2nd gen Asian Americans, the twinkies, the anime binge-watchers, the unrepresented american born asians and their sub cultures, the weeaboos and koreaboos, and the hentai freedom fighters of our generations.

Join Our #SekiSquad as we close the gap.


 Your Mandoo Gooks, Mirthy and Mashi.




Our Impact Goals!


Every Item Purchased = 1 Tree Planted
We believe that people can be lewd and rude and still give a shit about the world. We've partnered with Ecologi to help Offset the world's carbon footprint. With every item sold we fund one tree being planted. They grow trees in Madagascar with special plant breeds that convert 4x more than the amount of CO2 that tropical rainforest breeds do.
More info on their work on Ecologi.com
Follow your personal impact with us by watching our forest grow,
Our Forest has 3 trees so far!
Make a purchase
get sick threads for yourself
and help us grow a tree for everyone who lives on Earth!
Wind Power!
Our offices are powered 100% by sustainably sourced
electricity from wind turbines through Arcadia.