What's up guys!
We are proud to introduce a new feature to our brand.
We will be accepting orders for commissions! What that means is if you wanted to design your own shirt, hoodie, or hat, then just like a tattoo shop, we can sit down and have a video chat about what you want and what we can make work. We can talk reference materials and ideas. We will create a mock up of what you describe and get back to you with that and when you decide you love it then we will proceed to the creation and purchasing process.
This is a special feature to give our gang more control and connection with the clothing that they will eventually be wearing. We want you to love it and we want to help bring our style to your life.
If you are interested in Commissioning a piece from us shoot us a quick email at or on our contact page about it and don't forget to leave a date and time that we can chat about it.
We retain the right to decline any designs that do not fit our brand or respect our policies. Once a custom piece is sold there are no refunds, all sales are final. We will not start production until you are positive you are happy with the design.